Nowadays more and more people feel that coding is a necessary skill, it makes senses, in a world where the amount of information is huge, we need to speed up the way that we process it. Everybody need tools that allows to handle properly this amount of information, even more the librarians, who are professionals… Read More

If you are in charge of DSpace installations in production where the success of the items are measure by number of downloads as me, sometimes you should suffer some pressure to delivery quick answer about the number of download for a period of time or any other facet that your clients have in their mind,… Read More

In the last post of this series I told you about the RDF data model and I presented the four formats that we can use to represent RDF, I explained about the knowledge graph, I told about how easy is add and remove elements form the graph without compromise the graph structure, at the end… Read More

One of the aspects of DSpace API that I like most is the Event System, please note that here I am not talking about the DSpace REST API, I am talking about DSpace API, the kernel of DSpace. You should suppose by the title of this post that I will not do a very complex… Read More

On the last post I barely touch the surface of the RDF topic, so in this post I want to talk about RDF with more details. The Web in the way that it is developed have a lot of focus on how it looks like, developers expend a lot of time thinking about how to… Read More

In last post, I presented how to start a taxonomy in Poolparty,  I showed how to create a new Project, Concept Schema, Top Concept and Concepts in Poolparty and how they are used to create a new taxonomy in Poolparty, In the taxonomy that I am using as example, the Olympic Soccer Mans Tournament Rio 2016, I started… Read More

I’m Brazilian and despite of world cup of 2014, I’m very proud of the first gold medal that Brazilian National Soccer team won. So I decided to create a taxonomy to celebrate this Brazilian achievement, ok I agree, it is not a very common way of celebrate, but I drunk those beer that you are… Read More