In the last post of this series I told you about the RDF data model and I presented the four formats that we can use to represent RDF, I explained about the knowledge graph, I told about how easy is add and remove elements form the graph without compromise the graph structure, at the end… Read More

On the last post I barely touch the surface of the RDF topic, so in this post I want to talk about RDF with more details. The Web in the way that it is developed have a lot of focus on how it looks like, developers expend a lot of time thinking about how to… Read More

In last post, I presented how to start a taxonomy in Poolparty,  I showed how to create a new Project, Concept Schema, Top Concept and Concepts in Poolparty and how they are used to create a new taxonomy in Poolparty, In the taxonomy that I am using as example, the Olympic Soccer Mans Tournament Rio 2016, I started… Read More

I’m Brazilian and despite of world cup of 2014, I’m very proud of the first gold medal that Brazilian National Soccer team won. So I decided to create a taxonomy to celebrate this Brazilian achievement, ok I agree, it is not a very common way of celebrate, but I drunk those beer that you are… Read More