I’m Brazilian and despite of world cup of 2014, I’m very proud of the first gold medal that Brazilian National Soccer team won. So I decided to create a taxonomy to celebrate this Brazilian achievement, ok I agree, it is not a very common way of celebrate, but I drunk those beer that you are thinking about as well.

To build my taxonomy I used the PoolParty. In PoolParty a taxonomy is represented by a Project, Concept Schema, Top Concept and the Concept. In the image below you can see the Project in dark blue, the Concept Schemas in purple, Top Concepts in dark green and the Concepts in light green.


The first thing to do is define a Project in Poolparty, so in the menu project I selected the “Create a project”, and then Poolparty popup a new window that allowed me insert the project metadata, selected the languages available in the taxonomy, define the users and the user permissions and some advanced options where I defined the base url for this taxonomy, “http://localhost:8086”, obviously you need a valid url when doing a taxonomy that suppose to  be used for professional purpose, and even more you will need that to Linked Data such as RDF.


To define the Concepts Schemes I did a right click and selected create a Concept Schema, for this taxonomy I created four Concepts Schemas: Groups,  Persons, Positions and Teams.


The Tops Concepts are the next step. For Groups I created the Groups A, B, C and D, for the persons I created players and coaches, for positions I created Goalkeepers, Defenders and Midfielders and Forwards and for team I defined as a Top Concepts each of the teams in the tournament. After Top Concept is time for the Concepts. The teams have their own groups, so I needed to add all teams to its respective group, so Poolparty allowed me to drag and drop each team to its own group, in the picture below you can see how I added the Denmark as a Narrower Concept of Group A.


If you have knowledge about relational database you may have noticed that pretty much everything that I did up to here  could be done in any relational database, so what is the point about to use Poolparty or a semantic technology? What is the point about to use Linked Data? These will be the subject of the second part of this series articles about Poolparty and Semantic Technology.



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